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Obama Could Face Charges in Marijuana Book Scandal

Originally from FOX News

While his prowess in politics got him a spot in America lore, a controversial book could put president Barak Obama in handcuffs.

Richland County, S.C., Sheriff Leon Lott told the New York Post that he will charge Obama with a crime if he is able to determine that the newly elected President smoked marijuana.

“This case is no different than any other case,” Lott told the Post. “This one might be a lot easier since we have a confession. It’s a relatively easy case.”

Obama, who won the American presidential election on November 4, 2008, admitted to smoking marijuana in his book “Dreams From My Father.” The book was published in 1995.

Lt. Chris Cowan said Tuesday that sheriff’s investigators were gathering more information about the confession, but declined to discuss details of the investigation.