My Films

Upcoming Projects

11 Visions currently writing a script for a “factual” documentary about hell. As of this writing, we have been unable to gain access to the facilities and therefore are very interested in speaking with someone who has been there.

The River is Life

Recently completed. Look for our Mississippi River adventure at a film festival near you in 2011.

The Hitchhiking Movie

This film was a collaboration between myself and actor Ryan Jeanes. We met in the same way I have met most of the significant people in my life…at a bar in Texas. After learning that he was a fellow hitchhiker, a plan was hatched to produce a film defending hitchhiking as a safe and exciting method of travel (albeit impractical). Our budget was extremely low and everything was shot in a very raw manner. The movie is self-distributed and is available for sale online at 11 Visions.