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New Business Venture

I’ve begun a new project in conjunction with my friend Ryan Jeanes (from “The Hitchhiking Movie“). The website is called 11 Visions and it will document travel adventures, new experiences, and life events. We started by producing a movie where we hitchhiked across the United States in one week. The success of this adventure sparked the idea to make further adventure movies.

The premise is simple. We start with a great idea, go out and actually do it, and then share our photos and videos of the event. Most great ideas are inexpensive to achieve if you are willing to take the time to do them. When people hear about the projects we are undertaking, they usually react by wishing they could do the types of things we are doing. They can. You can. Join the adventure at 11 Visions.


A Prophet is Born

I’ve made a lot of predictions in the past. I remember downloading my copy of XP RC2 back in 2001 and thinking “Gee, a stable operating system from Microsoft that supports all my hardware? How can they ever top that?” I told several people at the time that Microsoft would have a terrible time launching a Windows XP replacement because anything they changed would be hated.

Now years later, it’s hard to claim a personal victory about this prediction since it wasn’t saved at for all the world to verify. So from now on when I predict a future event I will post it here so we can check up in the future and see if I’m right. For now, I’m giving myself a 100% prophecy score. Here’s a political prediction to get things started:

This election season, we have seen Democrats try to downplay their support of the 2003 Iraq invasion. I predict that in 2012, Republican politicials will attempt to distance themselves from their vote in favor of Bush’s bailout plan. By that time, the majority of American’s will agree that it was not a solution, was mismanaged, and was a waste of taxpayer money (kinda like the Iraq war).