My name is Phillip Hullquist. If you already know me, this information is rather unnecessary. Perhaps you happened to Google my name and found this page. Welcome.

I am not individually important, but collectively people are important. My written contributions to the online community and the world in general are shared through this website. Stay tuned.

I’m a Event Producer and Owner at Melrose Movies, a Filmmaker at 11 Visions and a Romantic at Heart. Someday I plan to live on a small boat or in a camping van. For mental fun, I enjoy solving political debates by applying simplistic solutions to complex problems. I like people who are positive and ambitious.

Facts & Fiction

  • Politicians are lying scumbags.
  • Recycling should be more convenient.
  • God has never discernibly spoken to me.
  • Real musicians break drumsticks–not guitars.
  • I’m a vegetarian, but I’m not very good at it.
  • The meaning of happiness is found in the dictionary under the letter H.