About Me

My name is Phillip Hullquist. If you already know me, this information is rather unnecessary. Perhaps you happened to Google my name and found this page. Welcome.

I am not important, but collectively people are important. My contributions to the online community and the world in general will be shared through this website. New for September 2008, I expect to bring together a bunch of free content that has been represented here in the past. Scheduled to appear is my revived PHP script library, some of my photo collection, and various unpublished written projects. Stay tuned.

Facts & Fiction

  • Politicians are lying scumbags.
  • Recycling should be more convenient.
  • God has never discernibly spoken to me.
  • Real musicians break drumsticks–not guitars.
  • I’m a vegetarian, but I’m not very good at it.
  • Hippie girls are attractive for reasons yet unexplained.
  • People talking in theaters are more entertaining than the film dialog.
  • The meaning of happiness can be found in any dictionary under the letter H.
  • The world is ending in 2012, but if you miss it I’ll post pictures on Facebook.


The name Rudy Greene was used as a persona to help separate my online reputation from my personal life. RudyGreene.com begin in April 2003 to share personal photos and some unusual PHP scripts that I had written. During my college years it pointed to a web server in my dorm room that displayed a live web cam feed. From May-August 2006, I created a new website that gave away a $50 prize to anyone who could correctly guess the location of a posted photograph. The idea was to see if I could generate enough AdSense clicks to pay for the prize. Instead, we only got a few hundred visitors per day which created meager AdSense earnings. I abandoned my website, my home, and my job and traveled around to experience the world.