New Business Venture

I’ve begun a new project in conjunction with my friend Ryan Jeanes (from “The Hitchhiking Movie“). The website is called 11 Visions and it will document travel adventures, new experiences, and life events. We started by producing a movie where we hitchhiked across the United States in one week. The success of this adventure sparked the idea to make further adventure movies.

The premise is simple. We start with a great idea, go out and actually do it, and then share our photos and videos of the event. Most great ideas are inexpensive to achieve if you are willing to take the time to do them. When people hear about the projects we are undertaking, they usually react by wishing they could do the types of things we are doing. They can. You can. Join the adventure at 11 Visions.

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  1. July 10th, 2010 | Tommy Ray says:

    I arrived at this block by following your links from a comment you made on facebook about Leo Screven’s Super bowl commercial project. As I read the above description about “having great ideas and actually doing it”, I could not refrain from commenting. There is one person that I am aware of more than anyone else that lives according to this principle, and that is Leo Schreven. In fact Leo is planning to walk across America in february and film seminars from a harness computer designed specifically for this event by Apple. http://www.goallpower.com/walk/ It seems to me that you actually have a lot in common with Leo based on the goals of you new venture. The main focus of Leo’s ministry is about living life to the full and helping people to achieve life mastery. This superbowl commercial is a small project in comparison to the great work that this man is doing around the world. visit http://goallpower.com
    blessings to you my friend. (:

  2. July 10th, 2010 | Phillip Hullquist says:

    I’ve read all about Leo’s walking project after seeing his Super-bowl website. Looks like a unique way to draw attention to the health message. I hope it is very successful for him and the people he meets along the way.