How to Record Telephone Calls

This article will explain the basics of recording telephone calls from either a traditional landline or a cell phone. It is not a comprehensive review of all the possible products available so I will only be discussing specific products I have used myself. You may have equally good results using a different product as the basic principles are still the same. Recording a telephone call is not legal in all states so be sure and check your local laws before continuing.

For a regular landline phone, you will need to purchase an “in-line tap.” This device will connect between your telephone and a wired handset. It will NOT work with a wireless phone so you might need to make a quick trip to Wal-Mart to get a old school wired phone instead. Buy a cheap brand name phone (AT&T models worked well for me).

For cell phones, the setup is quite similar except that you will be connecting a different tap between the headset jack of your cell phone and the actual headset. I used a Radio Shack cell phone tap (part number #17-855) and it worked very well with both a Samsung and Motorola cell phone. One note: remember that muting your cell phone will NOT prevent your voice from being recorded since the headset portion is still active.

Someone has pointed out several websites which provide phone recording services for a small fee. I haven’t used any of these so I cannot personally recommend them, but buying your own recording device will always be cheaper in the long run if you plan on doing a lot of interviews or other such calls.

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