How to Convert PowerPoint Presentations to DVD

Many people have taken the time to create large complex PowerPoint presentations only to discover there isn’t a simple method of converting these files for playback on a DVD player. Several companies offer software to facilitate this process, but the software often messes up the timing, music, animations, and fonts contained in the original PowerPoint. While this might be acceptable for simple presentations, more complex ones will require a different solution.

  • VGA or DVI Scan Converter
    Several video hardware companies have created scan converters which will convert the RGB video feed from your computer into a regular NTSC video signal. You could then take this signal and capture it back to your computer using a DV camcorder. The main problems with this arrangement is there will be some quality loss depending on the hardware you decide to purchase. It’s also a multiple step process that is very time consuming. I do not recommend this method.
  • Camtasia Studio (http://www.techsmith.com/camtasia.asp)
    TechSmith has created an excellent piece of software called Camtasia that (among other things) functions as a plug-in to Microsoft PowerPoint and enables direct screen captures of the presentation while it is running. This is superior to most software as it still uses Microsoft PowerPoint to play the presentation. As long as your computer is capable of simultaneously playing and recording your PowerPoint there are rarely any playback issues.

I recommend Camtasia Studio as the best method for converting PowerPoint files to DVD. This software can be purchased for $299 from techsmith.com.

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