Miley Cyrus Solved... Now Taylor Swift?

Beginning early this summer, my cell phone began receiving unexplained calls from young girls wanting to speak with Miley Cyrus. At first I deemed it to be a simple prank from one of my more loony friends, but as the summer went on the calls increased in frequency and they were coming from all over the country. It finally reached the point where I began to tell the female callers that Miley wasn't available right then, but I would pass a message on to her. By September, the pizza boxes stacked near my door had dozens of scribbled names and numbers along with messages to be passed on to a celebrity that I had no way of contacting myself.

Then came Bethany. Now Bethany is what you might consider an obsessed fan. She and her little entourage of friends in Southern California made a habit of calling a dozen times per day and often late at night. Since she was at least willing to speak to me I decided to locate the source of the calls. After much coaxing, Bethany revealed that she had gotten "Mileys" number from a YouTube video. I quickly located the offending video and such enough, there was a scene for just a split second where Miley is seen holding up a poster advertising a reward for her lost dog. The telephone number is faintly visible: 615-275-9045. My number is one digit different and apparently adolescent teens were mistaking that digit in their haste to talk to their idol. It must have been such a disappointment to hear a mans voice on the phone although I remember one girl slowly questioning "Billy Ray?" after I answered!

I decided to change my number yet again so that I don't waste precious minutes talking to out-of-control Hanna fans. So imagine my surprise when checking my voicemail on the old phone to find a message from a fan wanting to talk to Taylor Swift! Will the madness never stop?

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